Bombs away.

Tonight we bombed Syria. All of us did that, even though most of us didn’t vote for this asshole. But here we are, bombing yet another country on the other side of the world.

The difference, of course, is that Syria is an utter clusterfuck. I wish Obama had done something about Assad sooner, but what is there to do? If he’s out, then who steps in? We’ve got ISIS, Al Qaeda, and mixtures of those groups or other groups we’ve never heard of who may be just as bad. There is no good option. And our president just escalated our involvement.

This isn’t good, but it’s made even worse because this was decided in, what, a day? It’s not like this was carefully considered. It was done on a whim. That’s because our president still doesn’t understand what he’s doing or the ramifications his actions have. But he’s about to learn, because this could very well turn into a huge mess.

God help those poor people in Syria, because they are trapped. Maybe we could help them?… oh, wait, no, no we can’t because our president and his supporters are callous assholes.


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