Hooray for war!!

It’s fascinating how quickly the media, and the general public, gets behind a war. Even the most ardent Trump critics are all like, “Well, that sure is a presidential act.” Bombing stuff is so baked into the office that we just assume our president will do it. There’s no critical thought about why we’re doing it or what it might cost in terms of casualties or dollars, we just do it.

Of course, Republicans will immediately say, “Well, Obama did it.” And sadly, they aren’t wrong. Obama bombed the fuck out of some people. No one batted an eye.

The difference is that Obama wasn’t a fucking psychotic megalomaniac with no attention span. If Trump’s poll numbers go up because of this bombing, then everybody get in the fucking bunkers. Oh well, it’s just literally life and death.

There’s no money for health care but there’s ALWAYS money for war. And our country HATES socialism except when we’re pumping money into jobs in the defense industry. Imagine if we spent that money on infrastructure, education, or literally anything else. But there I go again, being all pinko and crazy. Time to build more fighter jets for the inevitable dogfights with terrorist groups who don’t have an air force. But they sure do look cool for flyovers at sporting events!!


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