Victory — we lost by 6!!

The Democrats celebrating a 6 point loss in Kansas is about the most Democrat thing the Democrats could possibly do. “Hey, we lost but it wasn’t a complete and total asskicking! VICTORY!!”

It’s absurd that Democrats don’t seriously compete in these races. It’s absurd that Democrats don’t seek to grow their voter base, especially in heavily-Republican areas. It’s absurd that in a special election, when there are literally like no other races happening, the Democrats aren’t pouring resources in trying to win any type of victory. Nope, another loss.

But this loss wasn’t that bad! Great. If this were a victory, it would only be minor. The fact that it’s still a loss makes it almost completely pointless. Yes, it’s a good sign that the Democrat didn’t lose by 30 points. But he still lost.

There are no moral victories in politics. Democrats need to get ruthless and fight and claw for literally every seat in Congress. The fact that the minority party is willing to pass on any contested seat is a sign that they don’t know know what the fuck they’re doing.


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